Melina Günel-Ladinger

Zelfvertrouwen Stress en piekeren Zingeving Relaties Leefstijl

Melina is a psychologist at OpenUp. She has been working with people of all ages, statuses, cultures, and life situations. This has taught her one valuable lesson: no one is free of the struggles of life.

She believes that we all carry our own history. A history filled with good and bad experiences. Our thoughts, emotions, and even our biology merge together into this big storm. A storm- she knows- is fueled by the environment we are living in.

Melina has experienced that – as this storm grows – we feel overwhelmed. The outcome can be as diverse as we are as individuals. She believes that there are efficient ways to help those who struggle to find a healthy coping mechanism. Her goal is to always understand the uniqueness of the situation and the specific needs of the individual she is working with.

She is convinced that tailoring different treatment models to those specific needs can offer the right support and lay the foundation to for significant positive changes. These treatment methods vary and may include CBT, ACT or mindfulness. Melina strongly believes that creating a safe, non-judgmental space is crucial for this process.

To take care of her own mental well-being Melina loves to write. By bringing her thoughts on paper, she gives herself the opportunity to access unacknowledged emotions. Structuring those emotions and thoughts often help her to find a better approach to dealing with her current situation.

Melina graduated with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. This experience and over three years of hands-on work as a psychologist shaped her strong belief that the right support system and guidance can be immensely valuable and thus can benefit everyone. Melina speaks both German and English.

Melina Günel-Ladinger-psychologist-openup
"We all carry our own history filled with good and bad experiences. All this merges together to a big storm. As this storm grows, we feel overwhelmed."