Privé: Regulating emotions (test abby)

Lesson 2: Emotions Wheel test abby

test of interactive feelings wheel (turns on click, enlarges on hover) in code in flex-section below / not working

The Emotions Wheel

Use the Emotions Wheel to expand your emotional vocabulary and enhance your ability to recognise and articulate your feelings effectively.

Feelings Wheel Code Test - HTML, CSS, JS (Pls do not delete yet)


Content, Thoughtful, Intimate, Loving, Trusting, Nurturing
Faithful, Important, Hopeful, Appreciated, Respected, Proud
Excited, Sexy, Energetic, Playful, Creative, Aware
Rejected, Confused, Helpless, Submissive, Insecure, Anxious
Hurt, Hostile, Angry, Rage, Hateful, Critical
Guilty, Ashamed, Depressed, Lonely, Bored, Sleepy

Pensive, Relaxed, Responsive, Serene, Sentimental, Thankful
Confident, Intelligent, Worthwhile, Valuable, Satisfied, Cheerful
Daring, Fascinating, Stimulating, Amused, Extravagant, Delightful
Bewildered, Discouraged, Insignificant, Weak, Foolish, Embarrassed
Jealous, Selfish, Frustrated, Furious, Irritated, Skeptical
Bashful, Stupid, Miserable, Inadequate, Inferior, Apathetic