Jet de Veij Mestdagh

Self-confidence Stress and anxiety Finding purpose Relationships

Jet works as a GZ psychologist at OpenUp. What characterizes her as a psychologist is that she is sincere and candid. That’s why you quickly feel at ease with her and dare to open up. After years of experience in the specialist mental health care she is now committed to making psychological help accessible to everyone. Jet helps you to strengthen your resilience from self-awareness and acceptance. Personal leadership, learning to take control of yourself, is for Jet an important aspect of psychological freedom and well-being.

Jet studied clinical psychology at the Vrije Universtity Amsterdam and specialized in mental health psychology. Besides her work at OpenUp, she works as a trainer at de Baak. Jet speaks both Dutch and English.

"How can you take charge (of yourself) and take a first step today in the direction you want to go? I'm happy to guide you through this!"